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InspecTrend Overview

InspecTrend is built upon a proven track record of reducing costs while increasing productivity and accountability for professional thermographers worldwide. This product is the clear choice for any company contemplating how to start or improve the management of an infrared PdM inspection program.

The key: Start with a solid database foundation: Microsoft SQL server

At the core of InspecTrend is a powerful multi-tiered program running on a SQL database that manages everything from inspection scheduling, problem tracking and trending to report generation. Before an inspection is performed, the PdM inspection database is replicated out from the server to the pen computer that will be used in the field by a thermographer. Information about any problems observed and verification of the test status of each piece of equipment is entered directly into the database during the inspection. When the inspection is completed, the information is uploaded and immediately shared over the company's intranet by utilizing dynamic web technology. Hard copy reports can also be easily printed and distributed. The database can share information with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and other PdM programs (vibration, oil, etc). Obtain better speed, flexibility, and accuracy during your inspection and post inspection process by utilizing InspecTrend.

  • Fastest infrared PdM inspection and reporting system available.
  • 100% accountability.
  • Unsurpassed data analysis capabilities.
  • Demonstrable Return On Investment.
  • Fully web enabled
  • Scalable, flexible and upgradeable to meet your growing PdM program needs.

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